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LPG Gastech Engineering Sdn Bhd

LPG GASTECH ENGINEERING SDN BHD (LGESB) is a mechanical contractor firm that focuses in LP Gas engineering services, established and incorporated in Kuching, Sarawak since 2018.

LGESB was formerly known was LPG Borneo Sdn Bhd.

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Commercial & Industrial

LPG piping for commercial & industrial applications.

Design & Build

Designing and build for LPG related services – piping, storage and regulator sizing.

Bulk & Manifold

LPG piping relating to, Bulk systems & Manifold systems.

Withdrawal Systems

Liquid withdrawal and Vapour withdrawal systems.

Detector Systems

LPG detector systems.

Local Approvals

Attend to local authority (Ministry of Utilities - Sarawak) for Approval to Install (ATI) , Approval to Operate (ATO) and Gas License (GL).

Federal Permits

Attend to Federal authority (Dosh) for Permit to Install (PTI), Permit to Operate (PTO).

Federal Approvals

Attend to Federal authority (Suruhanjaya Tenaga Gas) for Approval to Install (ATI) , Approval to Operate (ATO) and Private Gas License (PGL).


Sponsorship or loan for LPG systems with or without gas metering charges.

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Manager In Charge: LARRY TAN TUNG YAW (18-01)
Project Manager: FAIZ BIN HAMAN (20-12)
Business Development Manager: JUDE MARTIN (20-12)
– CHEMMY TED (19-12)
– GRAIG BAXTER (19-12)
– GIBSON LANA (20-06)

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We work together with international product partner to bring you the best quality products
world wide, ranging from regulators, meters, gas detectors, valves, vaporizers, adhesives,
pressure gauges and many more.

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